Three-time Olympian, businessman, public personality and motivational speaker, Michael Klim has established himself as one of Australia’s most versatile entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers.

Michael’s highly successful 17-year swimming career saw him receive a total of six Olympic medals, break multiple world records and collect the title of World Swimmer of the Year. Today, this athlete turned businessman draws on his professional experience as World Champion to drive the success of his entrepreneurial ventures, including his, now global, skincare brand MILK & Co.

Having launched MILK & Co in 2008, Michael takes a hands-on approach as Founder and Managing Director. Under his direction, MILK & Co has become one of Australia’s most recognisable lifestyle brands that prides itself on simple, effective and accessible skincare products for the whole family.

Milk & Co is a truly global brand with stockists including Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, and TerryWhite.

“KLIM is about helping guys feel good about their skin and relaxed about taking care of it”. 

- Michael Klim